Time to Get a Tax Refund for 2019 - Now!

31 Jan 2019

We set below some of the reasons why you may have over-paid income tax during the year, in case where you are an employee of a Thai company.


Each month, the HR of your employer will deduct withholding tax from your income. In doing so, the HR should have taken into account all tax deductible items that you were entitled to. However, the HR may not be aware of all of those tax deductible items that you had, such as a spouse deduction, child deduction, investment deduction, unless you declared to them that you have and wish to claim those tax deductions. If that was the case, the HR would have deducted the withholding tax from your income in the amount that exceeded your actual tax payable. That means you have over-paid your income tax!!!!! The over-paid tax can be refunded to you. So, why not request a tax refund!!!!!


The tax refund for a tax year 2019 can be applied in January through March 2020. The refund request can be made through filing the normal year-end personal income tax return for that year. Therefore, it is now time to request your tax refundable amount from the Thai Revenue Department!!!!!


Please note that if you think that you over-paid the income tax for the years 2016 through 2018, it is NOT too late to request the tax refunds for those years. 


We, N-Able Group, are a real expert in providing tax services to individuals. We can certainly assist you in:

- verifying the withholding tax that your employer deducted from your income (to see whether that withholding tax exceeded your actual tax payable or not);

- ensuring that you will have utilized all tax deductible items that you are entitled to; and

- most importantly, requesting the tax refund from the Thai Revenue Department.


If you wish to know more details about Thai personal income tax, please click the link below to visit our Guide on Thai Personal Income Tax for 2019.



If you have any enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us by sending your emails to info@nablecompanies.com or dialing + 66 86 380 4143.

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