Tax refunds for those who left the company during the year

29 Jun 2020

Generally, a person who did not work in Thailand for the entire calendar year will have a tax refund to claim. The process of claiming Thai income tax refund for individual taxpayers for 2020 can be commenced in January 2021.


We therefore set below some suggestions that will simplify the process of getting the tax refund:

1. If you were to leave Thailand permanently before receiving the tax refund, please open a bank account with Krung Thai Bank. When doing so, please inform the banker to state your 13 digits Thai tax ID number in the system;

2. Keep the original of your Thai tax ID card with you - the Thai tax ID card is a small yellow piece of paper where your name and Thai tax ID number are on it; and

3. Keep all the documentations regarding your departure, e.g. a letter of employment termination, severance income, etc. 


We, N-Able Group, are a real expert in Thai personal income tax matters, especially for getting the tax refund back from the Thai Revenue Department. If you have further questions or need any assistances in Thai taxation matters, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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