Tax deduction for domestic purchases

22 Oct 2020

Recently, the Thai government announced a law that allows personal income taxpayers (including taxpayers who are a foreigner) to claim a tax deduction of up to 30,000 Thai baht for domestic purchases of goods and services that were made during 23 October 2020 to the end of 2020. Therefore, for example, if you are subject to the highest Thai income tax rate of 30%, any 100 baht of the purchases that you can claim that tax deduction will save your tax (or increase your tax refund) by 30 baht.


We set below the lists of goods and services that you can/cannot claim the tax deduction from the purchases:


A). The purchases of the following goods and services can be deducted for tax purposes:

(1) those that are subject to Thai value-added tax (VAT). Generally, the goods that you purchased from minimarts and department stores are subject to VAT;

(2) books and E-books (but not including newspapers and magazines); and

(3) registered OTOP products.


B). The purchases of the following goods and services CANNOT be deducted for tax purposes:

(1) newspapers and magazines;

(2) alcoholic beverages and tobacco products;

(3) fuel and gas for vehicles;

(4) automobiles, motorcycles, and boats (but the service cost for repairing and maintenance of those vehicles CAN be deducted); and

(5) hotel accommodation expenses (but dining in hotel restaurants CAN be deducted) and tour service costs


If you wish to claim the tax deduction from the purchase, please request a FULL tax invoice (not an abbreviated tax invoice), if the goods or services that you bought is subject to VAT, from the seller of goods or provider of the services. If those goods or services are not subject to VAT, instead please request a receipt. In either case, your name and Thai tax ID number should be stated on the document. Your Thai tax ID number is a 13-digits number that is stated on the top left corner of the first page of your Thai income tax return. If you are a foreigner, your Thai tax ID number shall begin with 09910. The tax invoice is in Thai "Bai Kum Kab Par See"


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