The Thai Revenue Department has started focusing more on collecting tax on cryptocurrency income. They recently issued the regulations concerned with tax calculation and preparing accounts that the taxpayers (who have derived income from trading cryptocurrency and digital tokens, both in and outside of Thailand) shall comply with. Complying with these regulations could be complicated for those taxpayers.

We are real experts in tax advisory and compliance as well as the planning for any issues that involve CRYPTOCURRENCY. If you wish for us to assist in finding the ways to reduce your tax on your cryptocurrency income, while maintaining compliance with the Thai tax laws in respect to the concerned areas, we can certainly be your resource. Our services in these areas include:

  • Tax planning and advisory on cryptocurrency.
  • Tax calculation and tax return filing.
  • Preparation of the accounts and other supporting information/documents that are involved with trading cryptocurrencies and digital tokens.

Our team provides comprehensive tax services to individual clients, especially for foreigners who are subject to the Thai personal income tax requirements; such as, expatriates working in Thailand. It is our mission to render the services that the clients’ demand. Our personal tax services include:

  • Preparing and filing all kinds of personal tax returns and declarations.
  • Providing support in the tax refund claim process.
  • Strategic tax planning and advice for particular tax issues.
  • Applying for a Thai tax ID number for foreigners.
  • Applying for various tax certificates for individuals; such as, a certificate of the Thai income tax payment, certificate of Thai tax residence, etc.
  • Providing support during tax investigations.
  • Property tax compliance and advice.
  • Inheritance and gift tax planning and advice.
  • Tax planning and advisory on cryptocurrency

This section contains the scope of our personal tax services. If you are a corporate client or seek other types of services, please click:

Corporate TaxAuditingAccountingLegal ServicesFinancial Advisory and InsuranceTraining and Tuition

We support corporate clients for both proactive tax advice and planning, and disciplined tax compliance works. In other words, we render comprehensive tax services for companies and legal partnerships. Our corporate tax services include:

  • Company and legal partnership’s tax calculation and tax return preparation and filing for:
    - Corporate income tax;
    - Valued-added tax (VAT);
    - Withholding tax;
    - Payroll withholding tax for employees’ remuneration;
    - Specific business tax;
    - Stamp duty.
  • Preparing or reviewing a Transfer Pricing (TP) Disclosure Form.
  • Supporting the tax refund claim process.
  • Providing support during tax investigations.
  • Strategic tax planning and advice for particular tax issues.

Our team, comprising Thai Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), can provide several types of auditing services for both Thai companies and Thai subsidiaries and branches of international companies. Our main areas of auditing services consist of:

  • Statutory financial statement audits, as required by regulatory bodies.
  • Internal control review and advice.
  • Agreed-upon procedures regarding financial information, including reporting to the Board of Investment (BOI).
  • Special purpose audits.

We assist clients with all of their accounting requirements in Thailand. We have expertise in providing outsourced accounting services for daily accounting tasks and more complex tasks. The accounting services we offer are:

  • Bookkeeping services.
  • Preparing and filing annual financial statements with the relevant authorities.
  • Payroll services; such as, preparing employees’ pay slips and withholding tax certificates, registering an employee for social security and provident funds, preparing and filing the returns for those funds, etc.

Our financial advisory team consists of consultants who have extensive experience. Our advice is aimed at helping individuals reach their personal financial goals through various financial mechanisms and products (such as, cryptocurrencies, mutual funds, insurance, etc.) in the following areas:

  • Successful investment, both in the short term and long term.
  • Real estate planning.
  • Personal healthcare planning.
  • Inheritance and wealth transfer planning.
  • Child educational planning.
  • Retirement planning.
  • Etc.

We also provide insurance services that can guide our clients to the right choices of their life and health protection.

We conduct in-house trainings on accounting and Thai taxation for corporates who wish to enhance their staff’s knowledge in those areas. Our training can be either in the Thai or English language.

We also provide tuition to individuals who wish to sit the Thai CPA and TA (tax auditor) exams.

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